Newsletters 2017-18

 December (3)

 Staffing changes

Congratulations to Mrs Stansfield who has been appointed to manage ‘front of house’ in a hotel.

Although we are obviously pleased for her as she is looking forward to a change in direction, she will be sadly missed by both pupils and staff. She has supported many of our Key Stage Two pupils either in lessons or through one to one or small group intervention, and has ensured that each pupil is encouraged to reach their potential and clear of how to achieve their goals. She has also taught PE throughout the school, organised after school sports clubs and taken children to sports events, particularly cross country.

I’m sure you will join us in thanking her for all her hard work and commitment to St Leonard’s; we wish her all the best but also hope she will be back to see us.

 In January we will be joined by Mrs Ogilvie who will be working in Sycamore class. She brings a wealth of experience, particularly in computing and science and will enable us to ensure the pupils continue to benefit from an exciting curriculum.

 We will also be joined by Mrs Mitchell who will be working in Saplings class. She also brings experiences from other areas to enhance our Saplings team.

 Christmas dinner

Christmas dinner is tomorrow (Thursday 21st December). Numbers have already been confirmed but please remember if you have already booked a dinner that your child won’t need a packed lunch.

 House points

To celebrate the hard work of all the house teams this term Friday will be a non-uniform day. Children may bring in toys to play but please do not send expensive electrical items which would cause distress if lost or broken.

For those that have returned a reply slip, the KS2 Santa run is at 9.30 am. So anyone on the Greenway between 9.45 and 10.15 am needs to be prepared to meet a herd of sprinting Santas.

School closes at 3.30pm and reopens on Monday 8th January 2018.


We wish you a happy and peaceful Christmas and best wishes for the new year.



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