Curriculum Aims

Our school is a wonderful place for a child to learn and grow through the Primary Stage of their education.


Every member of staff has been carefully selected to provide a warm, loving, caring and stimulating environment in which your child will be educated to the highest standard.


The School Aims:


  • To provide the highest possible standard of education for every child within the school having special regard for each individual child’s particular needs.
  • To establish a caring community in which children can be happy and fulfilled.
  • To encourage tolerance and consideration for others, to develop an appreciation of team spirit and a sense of social responsibility.
  • To raise the self-esteem of every child so that he or she may relate confidently to, and with empathy for, others.
  • To help each child discover his or her own creative and sporting talents, to encourage self-expression and to promote an ethos in which the achievements of individuals are valued.
  • To encourage every pupil to fulfil his or her individual responsibilities within the school community and within society at large.