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 The aim of our school is to provide all children with an outstanding education which helps them to acquire academic skills and knowledge, within a creative context which develops a love of learning and excellent characteristics which will prepare them for secondary school and beyond.

This page contains some of the data which helps to show the extent to which our school makes progress with our children but only pertains to academic data in terms of reading, writing and mathematics.

Department for Education Performance Tables

The performance of the school as outlined by the Department for Education Performance Tables can be found here.

End of KS2 assessments 2017

This year, the government’s Standards & Testing Agency have published an information leaflet for parents about the results from the National Curriculum assessments at the end of Key Stage 2 (Year 6).  

The Performance of the School in National Curriculum Tests at KS2 for 2017

All schools are legally required to publish the results of the National Curriculum tests at KS2 annually. 

In the table below you will be able to see the performance of KS2 2017  in terms of attainment and progress.

Attainment & Progress 2017  (un-validated National averages)

Average progress score0.613.083.95
Average scaled score102.4 (104.1)109.9 (106)107.4 (104.2)
% of pupils achieving the expected standard or above68% (71%)80% (76%)96% (77%)88% (75%)
% of pupils achieving a high level of attainment20% (25%)32% (18%)48% (37%)36% (23%)


Reading  / Writing / Maths combined

% of pupils achieving the expected standard or above60% (61%)
% of pupils achieving a high level of attainment 16% (9%)16% (9%)

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