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Headteachers Welcome

From when the doors open at 8am to the end of the wide variety of after-school club activities, the rooms of St Leonards hum with the excitement and enthusiasm of children seeking to develop their skills and expand their knowledge of the world.

We believe children learn best through personal experiences so all our staff work hard to place learning in a real context, relevant to the child. This means you may be drawn into anything from solving the problems left behind by the big bad wolf who will only return the three little pigs when the answers are discovered, to trying out some of the sports of the winter olympics so you can write with true understanding of how the competitors zoom down each slope, to unveiling the mysteries which are baffling even Sherlock Holmes in Victorian England.

We know children achieve when they are happy and secure and St Leonards provides a caring, family atmosphere full of love and laughter.  It is a place where all children are nurtured to reach their fullest potential; a place where they are enabled to have the highest of aspirations and achieve the highest standards. All our children can reach for the stars!

Christian values are modelled by staff and pupils are enabled to:

  • broaden their minds in their search to explore God’s creation,
  • develop a heart which cares for others as well as values their own important contribution to the community
  • explore a variety of ways to keep their bodies healthy through an active lifestyle and healthy living.

Please feel free to visit us at any time. You will always be made welcome.

Mrs Beverly Holmes


Looking To The Rainbow

During the COVID-19 Lockdown, Worship for Everyone asked schools to come together and perform the brand NEW original song ‘Looking to the Rainbow’ from Nick & Becky Drake. Here is our video…