Meet the Staff

The greatest resource the school has in meeting the needs of our children is adults. It is the daily interactions between adults and children which have the most impact on learning both academically and personally. We aim for the staff team to work dynamically in order to strive for the best outcomes for the pupils of St Leonard’s Church of England Primary School.

Teaching Staff

Headteacher – Mrs Holmes

Deputy Headteacher – Mrs Gaukroger

School Bursar – Mrs Lee

Office Staff – Mrs Berry and Mrs Stansfield

Attendance Officer – Mrs Stansfield

Non-contact cover – Miss Hartley

Class Year groups Teacher Teacher Assistants
Saplings Nursery Miss Norton-Morris

Mrs Rawes

Miss Hepworth

Mrs Howard

Miss Richardson

Ash and Holly Reception

Mrs Blackley –

job sharing with Mrs Popadynec

Mrs Valentine

Mrs Hargreaves

Mrs Knowles

Miss Greenwood

Mrs Mitchell

Elm Year One Mrs Vetrano

Mrs Page

Miss Meeks

Oak Year One and Year Two Mrs Marney

Mrs Henderson

Mrs Graham

Miss Sumner

Poplar Year Two Mrs Smith and Mrs Marquis

Ms Williams

Mrs Heap

Miss Holmes

Beech Year Three Miss Bridges

Mrs Brown

Miss Shirtcliffe

Rowan Year Three and Year Four Mr Holden

Mrs McCormick

Mrs Haworth

Willow Year Four Mr Boyle

Mrs Tanovici

Mr O’Connor

Chestnut Year Five Miss Halsey

Mrs Heap

Miss Pilkington

Maple Year Five and Year Six Mr Gaukroger

Miss Brunton

Mr Hunt

Sycamore Year Six Mr Smith

Miss Dewhurst

Mrs Greenwood

Blossom Mixed years Mrs Bradley

Miss Crake

Miss Franklin

Mrs Sumner


PE Staff – Mr Deakin and Mr Boyle

Breakfast Club staff – Mrs Higginson, Mrs Derbyshire, Mr Deakin, Miss Holmes, Miss Crake, Mrs Brunton, Mrs Heap and Miss Dewhurst.

School Cook – Mrs Barber,

Catering staff – Mrs Higginson, Mrs Derbyshire,

Welfare Staff – Mrs Higginson, Mrs Holland, Mrs Gabriel, Miss Bleasdale.

Site Supervisor – Mr Bleasdale.

Cleaning staff – Miss Coad, Mr O’Connor and Mrs Higginson.

Lets Connect

All phone enquiries are dealt with by our school secretaries (Mrs Pam Taylor and Mrs Catherine Berry).

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