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2019/2020  St Leonard’s Church of England Sports Premium Funding

In 2019/20 St Leonard’s Primary School will receive £18,170 in Sports Premium Funding. This will be used in the following ways:

-Provide a range of different opportunities for pupils to achieve the 30 active minute’s target. Ensure that all children at St Leonard’s have the opportunity to be physically active on a daily basis.

-Develop a whole school focus on Mental Health and Well-Being. Using PESSPA as a tool to develop initiatives promoting Healthy Bodies and Healthy Minds. Linking into the whole school improvement target of supporting the health and well-being of all children and staff.

-Continue to broaden the range and skills we have amongst staff to be able to deliver a high quality and varied curriculum.

-Provide a wide and varied curricular and extra-curricular offer to all pupils with a particular focus on outdoor based activities including Cycling. Enrich the current offer with opportunities for children to access ‘alternative activities’ and target specific groups of children.

-Continue to provide a wide range of competitive opportunities for our children at a range of levels. Embed Intra school competitions within the school week including in the curriculum and at break-times.

-Buy into local SSP to ensure continuity and growth of local infrastructure. Universal offer for pupils and coordinated support package.

-To ensure all children have water confidence and competence, allowing them to be able to achieve 25m unaided to meet national guidelines.

For a more detailed description of our plan including information regarding our school swimming data please click on the tab below. This will allow you to access our ‘Evidencing the Impact of Primary Sports Premium’ document, 2018/19 is also available.

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