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2021/22  St Leonard’s Church of England Sports Premium Funding

In 2021/22 St Leonard’s will receive £18,170. This will be spent in the following ways:

– Due to Covid-19 restrictions the number of opportunities for our children to be active and be in the outdoors has decreased. Increase the amount of ways children can be active during the school day, particularly outside. Particular focus on provision in the EYFS stage.


-Raise the profile PESSPA across the school through sporting values. Each half term the children will be given 2 character values (Self Belief, Determination, Respect, Honesty, Fair Play, Passion, Teamwork) to focus on in PE. Celebrate and reward children weekly and termly through prizes.


-Ensure the wider school staff team have appropriate knowledge of PE as a subject and they understand the curriculum, outcomes and progress of their pupils. Ensure new PE team is established and confident to deliver HQ lessons in all areas. New subject leaders to receive appropriate training.


-Provide a wide and varied program focusing on enrichment based activities. Provide experiences for our children they would not normally get access to. Potentially link the activities to other curriculum areas and or clubs so pupils can pursue further.


-Re-establish a large and varied competition offer for our children including Intra School (in house) competitions, returning to inter school events through the SSP, friendly fixtures, my personal best challenges , virtual competitions (SSP) and further opportunities to be competitive in the PE curriculum and breaks/lunchtimes.

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