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2020/2021  St Leonard’s Church of England Sports Premium Funding

In 2020/21 St Leonard’s will receive £18,170 (plus £2,330 underspend due to Covid-19 from 19/20). This will be spent in the following ways:
-Re-establish opportunities for children to be active as possible throughout the school day. Raise the levels of general physical activity of all our children after long periods of in-activity due to Covid-19.
-Improve the school’s facilities to do this.
-Embed a new teaching/assessment system across school for Physical Education. Provide detailed and accurate assessments of each child which will inform fluid planning and teaching.
-Continue to ensure staff are able to deliver HQ PE/Sport activities. Staff should be confident and capable of delivering all areas of the curriculum to a range of ages/abilities.
 -Provide a wide range of learning opportunities for our children, exposing them to different types of activities in different settings.
-Due to potential current restrictions provide as many competitive opportunities for our children on the school site. Establish Intra School competitions during the curriculum, breaktimes/lunchtimes and in after school activities.
-Buy into local SSP to ensure continuity and growth of local infra-structure. Universal offer for pupils and coordinated support package. Maintain links with other local providers.
 -Continue to provide a large school swimming program so all children are able to achieve statutory targets. Particular focus on Lower KS2 classes and groups who have missed sessions previously.

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