Meet the Staff

Head Teacher - Mrs B Holmes

Deputy Headteacher - Mrs A Gaukroger

Sycamore Teacher (Y6) - Mr L Smith

Supported by - Mrs L Stansfield & Miss N Woods

Maple Teacher (Y5) - Mr M Gaukroger

Supported by - Mrs M Brown

Chestnut Teacher (Y4) - Mr P Holden

Supported by - Mrs C Pilkington & Miss Z Mooney

Willow Teacher (Y3) - Mrs S Hartley

Supported by - Mrs M Brunton

Beech Teacher (Y3) - Miss S Halsey

Supported by - Mrs R Heap

Elm Teacher (Y1/2) - Mrs A Maguire

Supported by - Mrs J Page

Oak Teachers (Y1/2) - Mrs A Smith & Mrs S English

Supported by - Mrs T Edwards

Poplar Teacher (Y1/2) - Mrs J Blackley (Acting Assistant Headteacher)

Supported by - Mrs T Plant & Miss H Dewhurst

Ash Teacher (Reception) - Miss R Cavanagh

Supported by - Mrs I Henderson & Mrs L Knowles

Holly Teacher (Reception) - Mrs R Bradley

Supported by - Mrs T Hargreaves, Miss C Orrell & Miss E Crake

Saplings (Nursery) Teacher - Miss D Norton

Supported by - Mrs J Rawes and Miss S Hepworth

PE Specialists/Sports Coaches - Mr C Heap & Mr T Bradshaw

Sports Apprentice - Mr L Simm

Intervention Team - Mrs L Stansfield & Miss H Dewhurst

Support Staff

Office Manager - Mrs S Lee

Administrators - Mrs P Taylor & Mrs C Berry 

Site Supervisor - Mr C Bleasdale

Cleaning Team - Mrs E Higginson, Mrs A Coad & Mrs R Astin.

Lunchtime Welfare Team - Mrs S Gabriel, Mrs S Holland, Mrs E Higginson, Miss S Bleasdale, Mrs R Pugh & Mrs R Astin.